Lovebugs swarm Florida family

Lovebugs were out in full force last week, especially for a family in Cocoa Village.

It’s lovebug season, and every Floridian knows just how annoying those pesky bugs can be.

The flying pairs of bugs were out in full force last week, especially for a family in Cocoa Village which can be seen running and screaming to their car through a swarm of lovebugs.

Just last week, News 6 spoke with Dr. Denise DeBusk, an expert on bugs at Valencia College, to discuss the possible decrease in the lovebug population over the last several years.

"There is kind of a mystery," the horticulture and entomology professor said. "We're not really positive why the population is decreasing."  DeBusk believes the destructive insect that migrated from Mexico may have finally settled into the area.

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That certainly wasn’t the case for this Florida family.

While their swarming can be quite annoying, lovebugs can create havoc for your car.

After driving through a swarm of them, their acidic remains can damage car paint and even clog car radiators if left there long enough.

The best way to protect your car during these seasons of love is by keeping a healthy coat of wax on your car. The wax will serve as a protective barrier between your paint and the acidic lovebug remains. A good soaking with soap and water for about five minutes every few days will also help.

Unfortunately, there’s several more weeks for us to put up with these pesky love makers. This round of the lovebug season is expected to last through the end of May.

Lovebug swarm in Cocoa Village 😳. Car washes gotta “love” lovebug season.

Posted by Steven Connell on Saturday, May 4, 2019