Bria, 'co-pilot' Labrador, soars through sky in Sanford

She wears mutt muffs for each flight

A Labrador regularly co-pilots as her owner flies over Central Florida.
A Labrador regularly co-pilots as her owner flies over Central Florida.

ORLANDO, Fla. – Bria, a 6-year-old yellow Labrador, has enjoyed sky-high views ever since she was 12 weeks old, when Charles "Chick" Gregg and his wife brought her to Orlando from Missouri. 

Since then, she's become well-accustomed to flying, enjoying the perks of sitting window-side and becoming her best friend's co-pilot.

"We wouldn't travel anywhere without taking Bria. If we're gone for a week or two, she's going with us,"  Gregg, a veteran airline pilot, said. 

Before boarding, Bria gets her mutt muffs strapped onto her ears.

"She loves to be with us. Anytime we get ready to leave, even if it's in the car, you can ask her, 'you wanna go?' and her tail starts wagging and she starts barking," Gregg said about his four-legged friend.

Gregg is the co-owner of Air Unlimited, a boutique airline based out of Sanford airport and where Bria hangs out in the hangar. 

Gregg brings her along not just on personal trips but work flights as well--having flown at least 30,000 miles from Orlando to the Bahamas all the way to the Colorado hills--giving passengers a better flying experience.

"People aren't as anxious and uptight cause she's so relaxed. She'll go say hello and she'll sit until they pet her," Gregg said. 

Gregg, who's been a pilot for 42 years, says safety is key when traveling. He recommends if you bring your pet along for a trip, take them to the veterinarian for a checkup first and before hitting the skies, limit the amount of liquids they take in.

"If we got a two-and-a-half or three-hour flight, we give her a little bit of water, not let her drink all she wants. When we stop for fuel or whatever, she gets out and we throw the ball for her and get her to go to the bathroom, and then she jumps back on board, ready to go again," Gregg said.

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