Excessive force lawsuit filed against Orlando police officer

Anthony Wongshue charged with manslaughter in separate case

ORLANDO, Fla. – An Orlando police officer arrested and charged with manslaughter in connection with a deadly officer-involved shooting faces another court case, this one alleging excessive use of force.

Edward Brian Booker, 27, sued Officer Anthony Wongshue in U.S. District Court in Orlando in April.
His arrest report indicates Wongshue pulled him over on the 408 Expressway in January of 2016 because the tint on his windows was too dark.

Wongshue claims Booker "continued to actively resist by refusing to comply with lawful orders."
The report also indicates, "A search of Booker's car revealed a clear plastic baggie in the center console which contained a green/yellow powder."

It said the substance "proved positive for the presence of Amphetamine."

According to Booker's federal lawsuit, the Florida Department of Law Enforcement later determined "this substance was a Vanilla Chai Vegan Protein Meal Supplement."

His attorney also claimed in the lawsuit, "Officer Wongshue tackled Mr Booker, raked his face across the pavement, and applied chemical spray twice."

He claims another officer involved in the incident used a stun gun on Booker five times.

Booker claimed he spent 47 days in the Orange County Jail, only to have some of the drug and resisting arrest charges dropped.

His lawsuit is pending, and there are no court dates scheduled.

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