Tourist finds message in bottle washed ashore Melbourne Beach

It appeared to be a written prayer to a godess of the ocean

BREVARD COUNTY, Fla. – Employees at Sand on the Beach Restaurant in Melbourne Beach said a tourist from New Jersey made an interesting discovery on Wednesday.

The woman said she found a message in a bottle.

Hailey Phelps said she was working at the time, and the letter sparked a lot of excitement.

"When Mary first came up, and she was like I found a bottle with a message in it, first of all, everyone like gravitated towards her," said Phelps. "This is the bottle that the letter was in, you can see that it's pretty eroded. It's got algae, cococinas right here, so it had to have been in the ocean for quite some time."

Phelps said that since the letter was written in Spanish, the group of women asked for help translating it. They said that they discovered it appeared to be a written prayer to a godess of the ocean, known to be a protector of all women.

"She's basically saying, Yemaya, please protect my mother, please help me get the house that I most dream for and the. then at end, she's saying, love your daughter," said Phelps.

Phelps said in her 25 years living near Melbourne Beach, she has never seen a message in a bottle wash ashore.

"We are planning on framing it and putting it up, just as a keepsake," said Phelps.

Phelps also said the community in Melbourne has gotten excited about the discovery and the message.

"I hope she gets the house of her dreams, yes," said Phelps.

The letter also refers to a second message in a bottle sent by the same woman, so staff said that they are keeping their eyes on the shore, to see what else might wash up.

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