'He just attacked and beat him:' Lawsuit filed against Osceola School Board

Attorney says school resource officer injured student

OSCEOLA COUNTY, Fla. – A recently filed lawsuit claims that the Osceola County School Board's negligence led to a school resource officer attacking and injuring a student at Kissimmee Middle School in 2015.

The lawsuit was filed on behalf of the boy, who is a minor and is identified only as T.R.

Records show the boy was involved in a domestic dispute with his mother in the school's front lobby so an employee called school resource Officer Mario Badia to respond.

Surveillance video showed Badia trying to grab the boy's chin then when the student went to block him with his arm, Badia shoved and body slammed the student, according to an arrest affidavit.

Attorneys wrote in the lawsuit that T.R. never resisted, although he did scream and wince in pain when Badia torqued his wrist and held it down for 42 seconds as he was on the ground.

"Officer Badia never gave T.R. any commands. He just attacked and beat him," the lawsuit read.

Badia was arrested as a result of the incident. Attorneys claim T.R. suffered injury, mental anguish, embarrassment and more.

The lawsuit alleges that the Osceola School Board fostered an environment in which resource officers believed they could enforce rules by any means necessary, including attacking students.

Badia is also accused of battery, false arrest and unreasonable seizure and excessive force.

Attorneys are demanding a jury trial and $15,000 in damages.

Osceola School Board officials were unable to comment on the lawsuit.