Everything you need to know about President Donald Trump's car 'The Beast'

Trump's military-grade escort vehicle arrived Monday via aircraft

ORLANDO, Fla. – Upon President Donald Trump's arrival to Orlando International Airport, "The Beast" awaits. 

The $1.6 million presidential limo is 100% custom-made by Cadillac. Also known as "Cadillac One" or "First Car," the vehicle has evolved over the years into a heavily-fortified line of defense. Only 12 such limos are rumored to exist, according to News 6 traffic safety expert Trooper Steve Montiero. 

"I don't think they need a vehicle registration and insurance while they're driving around," Montiero said. 

The vehicle arrived Monday, a day before Trump is scheduled to kick-off his re-election campaign Tuesday night at the Amway Center in downtown Orlando. 

The Beast is transported via aircraft alongside the rest of the presidential motorcade, which includes a presidential ambulance, two counter-assault team (CAT) cars, a lead vehicle and a second identical presidential limo. The vehicle is then unloaded by Secret Service and escorted by local authorities to the nearest gas station to fuel up for the president's arrival.

The limo has easily accessible snacks, beverages and Wi-Fi available for its passengers, who will be under military-grade protection. 

Montiero, who was assigned to every dignitary motorcade in Central Florida for the past eight years while working for the Florida Highway Patrol, said the vehicle is rumored to have its own air supply to safeguard passengers from any chemical attacks. 

Rumors also claim The Beast is equipped with a fridge storing the president's personal blood supply, Montiero said. For potential crowd control, the vehicle can also deploy tear gas and, unlike most vehicles, The Beast can continue to run at a normal speed with four flat tires in the event of an emergency.