I-4 corridor is critical area for 2020 election

One out of every four voters lives within 25 miles of I-4

News 6 political analyst Jim Clark explains why the Interstate 4 corridor is so important in presidential elections.

ORLANDO, Fla. – Since 1992, the presidential candidate who carries the majority of the counties on the Interstate 4 corridor from St. Petersburg to Daytona has won the election, according to University of Central Florida history professor and News 6 political analyst Jim Clark.

“It’s a swing area, the counties have gone back and forth,” Clark said.

One out of every four voters lives within 25 miles of I-4, according to Clark.

The history professor said Southeast Florida usually votes Democrat in a presidential election while the majority of the Panhandle votes Republican.

Turnout is the key to President Donald Trump in the 2020 election, according to Clark.

“He won Florida because of turnout in Collier County down in the Sarasota Naples area, 87 percent of voters turned out," Clark said. 

Most sitting presidents see lower turnout in their reelection run, according to Clark.