Legal analyst: Nelson testimony shocking, but might be part of legal strategy to avoid death

Scott Nelson testified that he killed Fulford simply because of where she worked

ORLANDO, Fla. – On Thursday, Scott Nelson provided grave details on how he killed Jennifer Fulford, 56 while she worked as a caregiver at a Winter Park home in September 2017.

Nelson testified that he killed Fulford simply because of where she worked.

News 6 Legal Analyst Steven Kramer said at this point it's unclear if the testimony helped or hurt the defense team's legal strategy.

"What attorney would go ahead and let a defendant go on the stand, confess to a killing when the death penalty is at issue?" said Kramer.

Kramer said since a judge denied an insanity plea, it's possible the defense allowed him to testify in front of jurors, so they could witness his behavior firsthand.

"Maybe if the jurors heard this testimony, and heard how twisted it was that maybe some juror would believe that something is not right and wonder why there wasn't an insanity defense," said Kramer. “That this guys too far gone you know to understand what’s going on. The lights are on, but nobody's home, kind of argument.”

Kramer said that it might not be a question of whether a guilty verdict will be returned, but instead an attempt to avoid the death penalty.

"Maybe one juror feels some sympathy, you know, feels this guy was a victim of the system. That maybe be a victim of abuse," said Kramer.

Closing arguments are set to begin on Friday morning.

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