Organization launches fund campaign to help felons vote

Coalition aims to raise $3 million

ORLANDO, Fla. – The Florida Rights Restoration Coalition announced their new voter registration campaign called "We Got the Vote."

The launch comes after Gov. Ron DeSantis signed a bill last week that requires felons who want to vote to repay everything they owe including restitution and court fees. 

"The bill is known as an implementation bill and we know there's been a flurry of activities ever since the governor signed that bill," Desmond Meade said. 

Meade is the executive director of Florida Rights Restoration Coalition.

Amendment 4, which restored voting rights to felons in Florida, passed last November. 

Meade was able to register in Orange County in January and explained there are still thousands of convicted felons in the state who are in need to complete their sentences in order to vote. 

"What we are doing, we are going to take advantage of provisions in this legislation that allows the court system to be able to weigh in and wave fines and fees," Meade explained.

The organization is hoping to reach $3 million through the "We Got the Vote" campaign.

"We have people across the country, across the world, that's already started to donate," Meade said. 

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