Smash-and-grab burglars steal thousands from Cocoa electronics repair store

Owners of iDeclare Repair in Cocoa Village unsure if they can stay in business


COCOA, Fla. – Two culprits carrying crowbars broke in a Cocoa Village electronics repair store Wednesday morning and stole thousands of dollars in cash and phones, according to the owners of iDeclare Repair LLC.

"Phones missing, safe stolen. Right around $4,000 in the safe," Todd Simmerman said.

Simmerman and his wife fix broken electronics for a living.

The thieves stole not just their money but also the devices of their customers.

Cocoa police said it was the second break in at the store in a year.

The Simmermans also have surveillance video of thieves on a night in November 2018.

They said in both cases, Cocoa police have not informed them of any arrests and they're frustrated.

"It's a lot of damage just the first time around. Now, the second time around, it's really going to kill me," Simmerman said.

The Simmermans said they're now questioning whether financially they'll be able to stay in business.

"It also makes me question the Police Department's ability to investigate. To not know who did it is just unacceptable," Simmerman said.

Police said both cases remain under investigation but no suspects have been identified.

On Wednesday morning, the owners think the culprits got away in a silver Mustang convertible with a black top.

Surveillance video from a business across King Street in Cocoa Village shows the getaway car pulling away.

The Simmermans are not confident that their insurance will cover all the damages. 

Right now, they're really counting on getting results with a lot of help from their customers.

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