Investigation launched after YouTube video shows guards beating inmate

Office of the Inspector General launches investigation

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – The Florida Department of Corrections is conducting an investigation after a YouTube video shows Lake Correctional Institution officers repeatedly attacking an inmate.

The video shows at least 10 officers jumping onto an inmate. At one point, the video shows a corrections officer repeatedly punching the inmate.

The video was recorded by an unidentified inmate who says in the background, "This is why we're in fear of our life." He identified some of the officers at Lake Correctional Institution by name and rank.

“This video is deeply disturbing. We have zero tolerance for officer abuse or misconduct for any reason," Department of Corrections Secretary Mark Inch said. "The actions of these individuals will not be tolerated."

The Office of the Inspector General has launched an immediate investigation, officials said.

 According to authorities, all officers involved have been taken out of contact with inmates and will not be allowed to return to full duty until a thorough investigation has been completed.

"Those found participating in any level of abuse, or failing to properly report abuse, will be subject to administrative and criminal charges,” Inch said.

Officials tell News 6 the inmate will be relocated to a different facility.