Jurors watch interrogation video during day 3 of Grant Amato trial

'I didn't do any of this,' Amato says in footage

SEMINOLE COUNTY, Fla. – On day three of testimony in the Grant Amato triple murder trial, prosecutors showed jurors interrogation video of when Amato was questioned by detectives days after the killings. 

During the video, Amato broke down while talking to investigators as he denied claims that he killed his parents and older brother at his family's Chuluota home in January. Prosecutors claim Amato then staged the scene of a murder-suicide and fled.

"No, I didn't do any of this," Amato said.

Detectives asked Amato tough questions during the interrogation. One investigator asked, "If you were the one that's been depressed, you were the one that owes money, you were the one who got into a confrontation with your father, who did this to your family?"

Amato told investigators his father kicked him out of the family's home after a fight and for sending about $200,000 that he got from his father and brother to an online cam girl in Bulgaria.

An investigator then asked, "We need to know what happened before you left that house."

When Amato was asked about his family life and his interests, he told investigators his dad was abusive, controlling and overbearing. He said his dad would hit his mother. 

"We heard my mom yell, 'He hurt me, he hurt me.' Then me and Cody would run downstairs and go to her room and we’d try to get him off mom," Amato said.

Amato said he and his older brother Cody Amato were close, but his dad always made it seem like Cody was doing better in life. 

"He would me make me feel like Cody is doing all this stuff and I’m not," Amato said.

Before jurors came in Thursday, Amato's friend, Blake Turpin, said his gun was taken from his home and that Amato knew where he kept his guns. Prosecutors say the murder weapon was never found. 

"I had people to the home and I believe the missing gun was in connection to this case specifically but I physically did not see Mr. Amato leave with said gun," Turpin said. 

It's not clear whether the judge will allow jurors to hear testimony from Turpin. 

The defense also said Amato didn't own or have any access to guns at the time of the shooting.   

They say evidence shows Amato was at a job interview the morning of Jan. 25 when neighbors reported hearing gunshots coming from or near the Amato family home. 

The defense says investigators lied about the evidence they had during the interrogation, perhaps to try to corner Amato into confessing. They also point out that Amato was initially released from custody.

Amato has pleaded not guilty in the case. He could face the death penalty if found guilty. 

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