Survey reveals how many delivery drivers admit to tasting food

More than half of drivers confessed to being tempted by the smell


ORLANDO, Fla. – Ever wondered if your food delivery app driver gave in to the temptation of tasting your food? Your instincts may be right. 

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US Foods conducted a study in which almost 500 drivers from popular delivery apps --including UberEats, Grubhub and Postmates -- were surveyed. It found that one in four delivery service couriers admit to snacking on an order. 


More than half of drivers confessed to being tempted by the smell of food, while almost a third admitted to sneaking a taste, the study shows. 

“I’ve seen people grab a couple of fries off the top, take some, and then kind of roll the bag up,” UberEats driver Neftaly Gonzalez told CBS New York. “People just don’t know how to control themselves.”

According to the survey, more people are turning to food delivery apps and the average person has two different apps downloaded, using them three times per month. 

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While food delivery apps are still popular, customers have expressed their complaints with the services they've received. Sixteen percent of customers reported their food was delivered late and 17 percent said their food was not delivered warm/fresh. 

Drivers, too, have complaints about their experience using food delivery apps. Sixty percent of drivers said they receive meager tips, if any at all, and 39 percent have complained that customers do not leave clear instructions.