Florida man threatens to stab students because of school's ‘obnoxious pride in America,' police say

Andrew Aman accused of hiding knife, heading to school


TAMPA, Fla. – A man is in custody after he threatened to stab children at a Tampa-area elementary school, officials said.

The man made the threat because of the school's "obnoxious pride in America," deputies said.

According to authorities, Andrew Aman, 22, hid a kitchen knife in a handbag and was on his way to Bellamy Elementary School planning to “stab as many children as possible.”

"If adults get in the way, he planned to stab them as well," according to a Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office bulletin, Fox 13 News reported.

The bulletin, which was sent out Monday, was labeled "situational awareness" and "law enforcement sensitive."

The bulletin also warned that, "Law enforcement should use extreme caution in dealing with [the subject.]," Fox reported.

According to officials, Aman's roommate distracted him and Aman changed his mind to not carry out the attack.

The roommate called the authorities and reported Aman's plan. Aman was taken into custody for mental health evaluation under the Baker Act and deputies searched his home, Fox reported.

There is no current threat to the school or anyone associated with it, officials said.

According to the document, Aman targeted the school because he hates the United States and "the school's obnoxious pride in America as illustrated by the large American flag mural on the front of the building."

You can read the full story at Fox 13 News.