Students struggling without air conditioning at Brevard schools

Students at MILA Elementary School picked up early over warm temps

MERRITT ISLAND, Fla. – It was 89 degrees in Merritt Island Tuesday, but it was the temperature inside MILA Elementary School that caused some parents to take their kids out of school.

Johanne Eklund repeated how she said her son with asthma described the past two days at school.

"Very, very hot," Eklund said. "The air conditioner was out yesterday. They fixed it and it went back out."

Eklund took her sixth grader home before dismissal.

News 6 talked to two other parents who did the same thing.

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"He's 4, so they get overheated a lot faster," Erin Harayda said about picking up her son from V Pre-K.

Brevard Public Schools officials said the air conditioning is being worked on by the district's facilities team.

MILA Elementary wasn't the only school having air troubles Tuesday. The district said it was also an issue at Central Middle School in West Melbourne.

News 6 reported on an AC outage at three West Melbourne schools, including Central Middle in September 2018. 

Most recently, at least five Brevard schools had air conditioning troubles on the first day of the year.

"I spoke with the principal today and she was definitely working on it, so she's keeping everybody informed on what's going on," Harayda said.

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