Debra Clayton's death can't be discussed at Markeith Loyd's first trial

Judge rules which evidence permitted during murder trial


ORLANDO, Fla. – The judge overseeing the upcoming murder trial for Markeith Loyd, who is accused of killing his pregnant ex-girlfriend and an Orlando police lieutenant, ruled what evidence can and cannot be allowed. 

Loyd will have separate murder trials in the deaths of Sade Dixon and Orlando police Lt. Debra Clayton. The trial connected with Dixon's death is scheduled to begin in September. Loyd's second trial is scheduled for May.

Loyd could face the death penalty if convicted of first-degree murder in either case.

Judge Leticia J. Marques on Tuesday granted part of a defense motion and denied other parts.

According to the judge, the state will not be permitted to introduce that Clayton died as a result of being shot. 

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"The fact that she died is not relevant to any material issue in the instant case," Marques wrote. "The fact that defendant shot Debra Clayton to avoid arrest for Ms. Dixon's shooting and then ran is all the state needs to establish. Introducing Clayton's death is unnecessary and the prejudicial impact would outweigh the probative value of the evidence."

Marques also will not allow the state to show surveillance video from the Walmart where Clayton was fatally shot.

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However, Marques ruled the state can introduce evidence and witnesses that establish the gun used in the shooting of Dixon and Clayton is the same gun and that Loyd was in possession of the gun when arrested. 


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