Lt. Debra Clayton's autopsy report released

Clayton was shot 4 times outside Orlando Walmart

ORLANDO, Fla. – Orlando police Lt. Debra Clayton, who was gunned down while trying to apprehend murder suspect Markeith Loyd outside a Walmart, was shot four times, an autopsy revealed. 

The bullets struck her neck and chest, right abdomen, left abdomen and right thigh. She also had cuts on her face, elbow and knees, likely from falling to the ground after the first shot was fired. 

Orlando police Chief John Mina said during a news conference in the days following Clayton's Jan. 9 death that Loyd shot the 42-year-old mother "execution style." He said she would have survived the first gunshot wound, but the murder suspect shot her again while she was on the ground. 

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“(Loyd) chose to go to Lt. Debra Clayton and stand over her and shoot her multiple times,” Mina said on Jan. 19.

Clayton's death was ruled a homicide. She was in good health otherwise and had no drugs or alcohol in her system, according to the autopsy report.

The Medical Examiner's Office previously ruled that Clayton could have survived all of the gunshot wounds, except the one that entered her neck and lodged in her shoulder.

Clayton fired at Loyd seven times during the six-second exchange of gunfire, but he was not injured because he was wearing a bulletproof vest, officials said.

Officials have also said that Loyd used the same gun to kill Clayton as he used to kill his pregnant ex-girlfriend, 24-year-old Sade Dixon, at her Pine Hills home on Dec. 13.

Loyd was arrested on Jan. 17, bringing a massive manhunt to an end.

He's facing 11 charges in connection with Clayton's and Dixon's deaths, including first-degree murder with a firearm, killing of an unborn child by injury to the mother and first-degree murder of a law enforcement officer with a firearm.