Police search for man accused of attacking woman walking her dog near Lake Eola

Anyone with information on incident is asked to call 1800-423-TIPS

ORLANDO, Fla. – The Orlando Police Department released a sketch of a man accused of attacking a woman walking her dog near Lake Eola.

Police said officers went to investigate at Cathcart Avenue around 8:44 p.m. on Wednesday.

Cathcart Avenue is north of Lake Eola.

Investigators said the victim told officers she was walking her dog and returning to her apartment when she saw a man behind her.

Authorities said she told police she thought he was heading into a different apartment.

The victim told officers as she was entering her apartment he pushed her door open and covered her mouth to prevent her from screaming, according to police.

Police said he attempted to push her into her apartment.

Investigators said the victim was able to scream to make enough noise until one of her neighbors came out.

The man left the area.

Gary Middleton said he was visiting a friend's apartment, when he heard something had happened.

"We heard her neighbor knock on the door and let us know that someone just broke into the apartment," said Middleton.

Middleton also said he noticed a man acting suspicious about an hour before the attack.

"There was just someone like sitting on the curb right over there and just like looking around," said Middleton.

Barbara Giacobe recently moved near where the attack happened. She said that she's thankful a neighbor heard the victim's screams for help.

"In the times that we are living in, that is important that you have neighborhood watches and you have people watching out for each other," said Giacobe.

Kelly Magyar said that she's called Lake Eola Heights home for nearly 30 years. 

"In living in a downtown neighborhood, this close to the center of town. It's one of the things that happens in downtown Orlando, unfortunately," said Magyar.

This is a developing story. We will update this story as more information becomes available. 

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