Florida man's 'Stranger Things' display steals Halloween

Haunting decorations have since gone viral

FRUITLAND PARK, Fla. – A Florida man and his two sons decided to take Halloween decorating to a new level and recreated Castle Byers from "Stranger Things" in their front yard.

Keith Campbell, and his sons, Alex and Ethan, created the impressive movie-quality prop in time for Halloween 2018, but they decided to bring back the terror this year to Lake County with new additions.

Taking his haunting creation to Reddit, Campbell's post went viral.

Campbell said his Fruitland Park home is no stranger to the ghoulish scenes fit for Halloween. He would create spooky graveyard themes for his home, but everything changed when the Netflix hit series "Stranger Things" came out. 

Campbell had brought the Castle Byers fort to life complete with a Demogorgon hidden nearby. One of the most impressive additions is the massive Mind Flayer, the show's monster enemy in season two, parked on top of the fort. Both creatures are made of Styrofoam with steel supports inside to keep them propped up and wind resistant.

Campbell said he collected wood debris, pallets and branches needed to make Castle Byers. He said the material came from scavenged scraps leftover from Hurricane Irma. 

While this version of Castle Byers has been giving neighbors a scare since Oct. 12 and many visit Campbell's front yard to take photos with his monster masterpiece, Campbell said his favorite part of this endeavor is time earned with family.

"I do this because I want to spend time with my boys," Campbell said.