Man says dogs mauled his family's pony to death

Dogs taken into animal services custody

OSCEOLA COUNTY, Fla. – Manuel Gonzalez, a father of three, now has the very difficult job of figuring out how to tell his children their pony is gone after two dogs mauled the family pet.

It happened after he left to drop two of his children off at school. He's very thankful now knowing that they were out of harm's way when the attack occurred.

When he came home, a horrific scene was playing out in his yard.

The family's pony, Angus, was being attacked by two pit bull-type dogs.

Dennis Perez, the family's landlord and next-door neighbor, immediately rushed over to help.

Gonzalez, nervous himself about the dogs, carefully walked closer to get his pony.

Osceola County Animal Services officers arrived and were able to get the two dogs from Gonzalez's yard.

In talking with them, Gonzalez knew he had a difficult decision in front of him to put down Angus.

The pony had been a part of their family for five years.

Animal services officials said they have to wait three days to see if anyone claims the dogs.

If not, they say the dogs will be euthanized for fear of putting them back out in the community after an incident like this.

If you recognize the dogs, you are asked to call Osceola County Animal Services at 407-742-8000.

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