Rodent problem forces closure of media center at Maitland Middle School

Parents say they've heard rat rumors

MAITLAND, Fla. – Parents were made aware of a rodent problem at Maitland Middle school through a robocall this week. 

Officials with Orange County Public School said the notice was issued in response to rodents found in the school's media center.

Principal Andrew Leftakis said the media center has been temporarily closed while building maintenance and ground and pest control work to aggressively address the rodent issue.

Priscilla Harris, a mother of a Maitland middle schooler, said rumors have been swirling about the pest problem among students.

"Of course my kids are like, 'There are rats in the school,'" Harris said.

School officials have acknowledged rodent sightings and ensured parents the situation is being addressed.

Leftakis said the school will continue to monitor the area, and they expect to reopen the media center in the coming days. The middle school principal said in addition to their proactive measures they will continue to work with pest control for continuous treatment and inspections.

Harris said it's a problem she is glad the school is taking care of and isn't hiding.

"I mean as long as they caught it and none of the kids got sick from it, because I think that was a major concern," Harris said.

While it is unclear how widespread the issue is, Harris said she is relieved the school is making sure conditions are not hazardous to the health of students.

"If there is rats and there is droppings, there is like poison or something in the air," Harris said. 

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