2 arrests made after guns stolen from unlocked cars in Daytona Beach

Police remind people to lock car doors

DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. – Police in Daytona Beach announced they have investigated seven reports of stolen firearms from vehicles in the month of October. 

On Tuesday, the agency said the majority of these cases involve vehicles that were left unlocked by their owners.

The majority of thefts happened during Biketober Fest. According to a police report, the first incident occurred on Oct. 6 when a stolen 22 silver SCCY brand 9 mm pistol was recovered.

 A check of the firearm revealed it to be listed as stolen from the police agency.

Another incident was reported a day later. A victim told detectives she left her purse containing a loaded SCCY 9 mm firearm and wallet on the front floorboard. When she returned to her locked car she found her window broken and her firearm stolen.

Police said one reported case was of three firearms with a total value of $1,600 taken from an unlocked car.

Investigators believe thieves trolled easy targets, likely pulling on car handles and bypassing locked cars but getting into unlocked ones.

Police said they continue to investigate the instances where guns have not yet been recovered.

Two out of the seven guns reported stolen have been recovered, and two arrests have been made, one involving a juvenile.

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