Shark bites surfer’s foot in Cocoa Beach

Lifeguards say it might have been a blacktip shark

A shark bit a surfer Tuesday near Cocoa Beach Pier.

COCOA BEACH, Fla. – An approximately 4-foot long shark bit a surfer Tuesday afternoon in Cocoa Beach.

Lifeguards believe it was a blacktip shark that was between 4 and 5 feet long.

The man who was bitten had a bandage on his foot and told News 6 he was doing alright as he was being loaded in an ambulance to be transported to a hospital around 12:30 p.m.

Double red flags are being flown at the beach.

Tuesday night, Miller told News 6 he was out of the ER at the Cape Canaveral Hospital and returned home.

"All stitched up, have some ripped tendons and a couple toes not doing too well but Cape hospital took care of me and I'll be back to surfing ASAP," Miller said.

Brevard Ocean Rescue said Miller was surfing near the boardwalk of the Cocoa Beach pier when the shark took its bite.

On a beautiful beach day, lots of people watched Miller be treated for his injuries.

"He started swimming toward shore, another surfer helped him out and they pulled him out of the water," Mark Koehler said.

Another surfer said the shark scare won't stop him from surfing either. 

“I know a few [surfers] who have been bit and it’s really nothing,” Arin Farrell said. “They get back in the water, just hope for the best,” the surfer said.