Bear camps out in tree above tiger enclosure in Apopka

Florida black bear first spotted in tree Saturday

APOPKA, Fla. – A black bear that moseyed itself into an Apopka wildlife facility over the weekend has drawn a lot of attention.

Workers at The C.A.R.E Foundation said they spotted the cub Saturday in a tree above a tiger enclosure.

“Everybody wants to know whats going on with the bear. Has the bear come down yet?” said Kevin Rose, a senior volunteer at the exotic animal rescue center.

Rose said he had to see it to believe it.

“I had to look three or four times to make sure I was seeing the right thing, I’ve seen a bear in a tree, just never here,” Rose said.

The bear was still in the tree Monday, prompting workers to contact Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation officials. Rose said they were told to wait it out.

“Leave him alone. Eventually, it will get hungry and come down. There is no safety issues for the bear or the tigers. The bear can’t fall into the tiger enclosure, so we’ve been told to just leave it be and eventually it will come down,” Rose said.

Rose said he believes the bear is likely scared of the tiger.

“To be up a tree with a tiger underneath you probably isn’t the most calming effect, I guess,” Rose said.

Rose said FWC will continue monitoring the situation.

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