Parents calling for permanent crossing guard near Rock Springs Elementary

Some parents have volunteered to help out

ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. – Some parents at an Orange County public school are disappointed because crossing guards they expect to keep their children safe are not at a crosswalk on a regular basis.

Here’s how much it could cost you for ignoring crossing guards

Margaret Krings said her two children are in danger because there is no permanent crossing guard at Rock Springs Elementary.

"On several occasions just this school year we have had none, not even a police officer so the parents and a couple of the teachers at Rock Springs have taken it upon themselves," said Krings.

The Apopka mother said she is among a group of parents who show up after school to assist children across Rock Springs Road.

“It’s dangerous and it could potentially be deadly, and that is why I think nothing has been done,” she said. “God forbid nobody has been hit, nobody has been killed, there has been a lot of close calls though.”

Krings shared a cell phone video with News 6 of her and some parents after school on Friday when they arrived to discover a crossing guard was not manning the intersection of Rock Springs Road and Faye Street.

“It’s very scary on a day-to-day basis, five days a week when we are crossing those kids, we can’t rely on anybody being here,” said Krings.

The mother of three said its a safety no-brainer and children are in dire need of a full-time crossing guard before someone gets hurt.

"I've lived here all my life and traffic has gotten worse and they are just developing on top of developing which means this will get worse and traffic is going to get heavier," said Krings.

Rock Springs road separates the elementary school which is in Apopka and unincorporated Orange County.

The school district said it is not their duty to assign crossing guards and the responsibility lies with law enforcement.

A spokesperson with Apopka police said Orange County Sheriff's office is responsible for placing guards at that intersection.

We reached out to the Sheriff’s Office and they said they are looking into the matter.

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