Florida woman suing matchmaking service that charged $450 per date

Lawsuit claims date showed up in flip-flops, repeatedly cursed

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TAMPA, Fla. – A Florida woman is suing a matchmaking service after she spent thousands of dollars only to be set up with men who didn’t meet her standards.

According to a lawsuit filed in Tampa, Sherri Ferrara signed up for It’s Just Lunch in July 2019 and was scheduled to meet her first date, Al, on Aug. 11, 2019. The problem, records show, was that Al stood her up.

“I am extremely mortified and embarrassed. I cannot believe this is the type of service that you would provide, let alone charge for. You said you vetted potential matches and this is the type of gentleman you ‘matched’ me up with? I drove 45 minutes and sat in a restaurant, by myself, for 40 minutes. l have NEVER, EVER been stood up before in my life,” Ferrara wrote in an email to her matchmaker.

Records show the restaurant manager tried to call the matchmaker since Ferrara didn’t have the man’s contact information, but the matchmaker was off work that day and not answering her calls.

“This is absolutely NOT the service I paid for nor is it what you said it would be. I am beyond upset, angry, embarrassed and I would like phone call from you as soon as possible,” Ferrara wrote.

Word of the next match, Chuck, came on Aug. 15, 2019. Ferrara once again went on the date and this time, her suitor showed up -- he wasn’t what she expected.

She said Chuck was wearing old shorts and flip-flops. He also cursed repeatedly during the meal.

“For my next match, l would like to see someone with more class, style, who is more worldly, taller, better dressed, has more manners and is more upscale please,” Ferrara wrote.

After that date, her matchmaker sent her an Amazon gift card to apologize for the inconvenience.

The third date never happened because Ferrara knew the match, Brad, had been flagged by another dating website as possibly being a fraud.

Ferrara is seeking $3,329.69.

The Tampa Bay Times reports that Ferrara spent $2,800 on membership fees and $450 per date. According to the newspaper, several other complaints have been filed against the dating service, including from a woman who said her date took off his shirt while walking her to her car.

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