Daughter writes message of hope in snow for mother who’s battling cancer

‘Mom, be brave’

Her daugher's message is easily seen from Michelle Schambach's room at the Cleveland Clinic. (Credit: Michelle Schambach) (CNN)

CLEVELAND, Ohio – An Ohio woman who is battling cancer got a special message of hope from her daughter.

Her daughter, Marie Schwalbach, wrote, “Mom, be brave” in some freshly fallen snow.

Schwalbach is a physician from Guatemala and said she had never even seen snow before, but she was inspired to write the message to lift her mom’s spirits.

A cancer patient's daughter saw this blank patch of grass outside her mom's hospital window and decided to leave her a message (Credit: Marie Schambach). (CNN)

Schwalbach was hoping other patients would see the message and feel like somebody else cares.

The Cleveland Clinic tweeted a picture of the message. Before long, additional messages to the mom started to pour in.

Schwalbach says she’s happy that others are thinking of her mother.

Michele Schambach (left), arrived at the Cleveland Clinic from Guatemala hoping for more advanced treatment for her aggressive brain cancer. Her daughter, Marie Schambach said she had never seen snow before, but decided that she could use it to lift her mom's spirits. (Credit: Marie Schambach) (CNN)