Coronavirus: Amazon pulls 1 million items for price gouging

Companies making false claims, pushing fraudulent products, Amazon says

Amazon.com, Inc.
Amazon.com, Inc. (Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

Amazon says it has pulled more than 1 million products from sellers trying to capitalize unfairly on the coronavirus.

Amazon says some are making false claims and trying to push fraudulent products that can prevent or even cure the virus.

Also, some sellers have been price gouging on items like hand sanitizer, masks and cleaning wipes.

Amazon said that third-party sellers must follow its fair-pricing policy, which states companies can’t set a price significantly higher than seen in other places.

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For instance, one seller was removed for marking up face masks at five times the usual price.

Third-party sellers on Amazon have come under criticism in the past for selling defective or fraudulent products with little oversight.

Fear has also gripped consumers as the coronavirus continues to spread.

Major drug stores, like CVS and Walgreens, warned last week that there might be shortages of disinfectant products.