Coronavirus could slow Baby Yoda toy production

Hasbro says it is ‘working to mitigate’ manufacturing impact

(Credit: Disney/Mattel)

Hasbro is bracing for the impact of the coronavirus on the upcoming release of its "Star Wars" Baby Yoda toys.

The company confirmed last week that its supply chain is being disrupted by the outbreak.

The disruptions haven't derailed production of the toys, but Jim Silver, CEO of the industry review website Toys, Tots, Pets and more,' said he thinks Baby Yoda toy production will drop by five to ten percent.

However, Silver said Hasbro is "close to being able to ship what they originally projected."

Hasbro says it is "working to mitigate" the manufacturing impact of the coronavirus.

Disney and Hasbro unveiled several Baby Yoda toys last month.

Baby Yoda toys from Hasbro, Funko, Mattel and Build-a-Bear are scheduled to be on store shelves this month.