You can call your child’s favorite furry monster for a kid-oriented PSA

Kids could use a gentle reminder from some other familiar faces

Sesame Street characters pose under a "123 Sesame Street" sign. (Astrid Stawiarz, 2009 Getty Images)

Have you found yourself feeling like you’re on repeat, constantly telling your children why they can’t go somewhere or not to touch something?

Or maybe you’ve had a hard time explaining to them some of the things that are happening right now, and why.

Leave it to our favorite furry monsters to lend a hand.

Some of your kids’ favorites from “Sesame Street” are on the other end of the phone with kid-oriented PSAs.

On Southern California Public Radio’s Instagram page, we get to hear a snippet of Oscar the Grouch telling kiddos about staying home to stay safe.

And in another post, Grover talks about self-care at home, like getting exercise and reading.

Phone numbers are provided to use so that your kids are really getting on a phone call with their favorite “Sesame Street” character.

And of course, because “Sesame Street” is as fantastic as it is, there are other great tools the folks there have offered up for kids, as well.

How about trying Monster Meditation?

Or just a reminder to our children that they are loved and to stay safe and healthy -- that’s what their favorite furry monsters are doing.

How are you handling explaining all the new social standards amid this coronavirus pandemic? Let us know in the comment section below.

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