Watch this artistic octopus use its tentacles to paint at The Florida Aquarium

Aquarium hosted contest to give away paintings

The Florida Aquarium posted a video showing an octopus painting with its tentacles.

TAMPA, Fla. – It’s abstract, OK?

An octopus at The Florida Aquarium in Tampa channeled its inner Jackson Pollock when it used its tentacles to smear some paint on a canvas.

Technically, the little creature got assistance from a human helper who put some blue and white paint splotches on the plastic-wrapped canvas and held it near the octopuses’ tank so the cephalopod could use its many tentacles to cling to its creation.

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The finished products weren’t what most would call a work of art but Facebook commenters seemed to like them nonetheless.

The aquarium captioned the video on its page with a message letting viewers know that the marine masterpieces would be up for grabs.

To enter the contest for the paintings, Facebook fans were asked to leave a comment detailing their favorite thing about octopuses.

“One of my favorite things about them is that they can recognize people as individuals and tell different people apart. Also the fact they learn about their environment to know what textures and patterns to camouflage best,” the winner wrote.

The aquarium’s giant Pacific octopus can be seen in the Waves of Wonder exhibit. Just don’t disturb its artistic process.

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