Dozens of peacocks in Palm Bay neighborhood to be relocated after complaint

Peacocks are longtime mainstay of Pinehill Acres community

By James Sparvero - Reporter

PALM BAY, Fla. - For as long as neighbors can remember, people and peacocks have coexisted in the Pinehill Acres neighborhood.

"I have no problem with them or their noise. When I'm inside, I don't really hear them," resident Marla Del Rio said.

It might sound like living in an aviary, but neighbors said they are used to it and love the birds making their neighborhood unique.

Resident Oliver Neitzel even feeds them every day on his driveway.

"They get corn and peanuts," Neitzel said. "One of the reasons we actually moved to this location was the peacocks."

But now there is a new neighbor who is not a fan.

That person called a wildlife trapper, who placed traps in his yard.

Professional animal trapper James Dean said peacocks tear up screens and roof shingles and damage cars.

"Peacocks are one of our worst nightmares," Dean said. "He [new neighbor] knew there were some peacocks around. He just didn't realize there were that many."

There are as many as a couple hundred.

Residents said they believe the birds were released years ago from a nearby wildlife preserve.

Wherever they came from, most neighbors aren't happy about the traps.

"They're beautiful around here," Del Rio said.

Dean said he hopes to catch 40 to 50.

Dean said peacocks that are trapped are going to be relocated to a new home on a horse rescue ranch 30 minutes south in Indian River County. 

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