Eau Gallie High School student brought unloaded gun on campus, deputies say

18-year-old senior arrested

By Jerry Askin - Reporter

BREVARD COUNTY, Fla. - An Eau Gallie High School student bonded out of jail after Brevard County authorities say he brought an unloaded gun onto school property.

Deputies with the Brevard County Sheriff's Office say they found the .22 caliber revolver in the back set of the student's Ford F150 parked at the school's senior lot.
Tristan Lane Rogers, 18, is charged with possession of a firearm on school property. 
The arrest happened Tuesday afternoon after quick thinking by a student and an administrator. 

"Some students overheard and observed some activity that was very suspicious to them involving another student at Eau Gallie High, and didn’t hesitate, went right to administration," said Major Andrew Walter, head of security for Brevard County Schools. 

Deputies say an assistant principal told the school’s resource officer that Rogers “keeps a weapon in his vehicle.”

Authorities said they found Rogers sitting in his car on campus and the gun in his back seat. Investigators say Rogers first lied about having a gun, then told deputies he had the revolver in his Ford F150.
"A student bringing a gun, even if it’s unloaded in their car, is just pure stupidity," said Nancy Strotton who has two grandchildren at the school. 
"With the recent shootings, I’m scared for my own health, my safety and I’m scared for my school," said student Zoe Strotton. 

News 6 has previously reported on the Speakout Hotline and an app called p-3 that many students are now using to report tips to authorities anonymously.

"Last year, I can count on one hand the amount of tips we received anonymously from other students -and this year we are over 200 tips," Walters said.

Tipsters can call  1-800-423-TIPS (8477), report online at speakouthotline.org, or use the p-3 app on a smartphone to report suspicious activity.

In Brevard County schools, authorities say it is proving to be life-saving.

"There are young kids lives saved became of the tips received. They ranged from suicide to students who want to harm themselves and harm other kids," Walters said.

Rogers bonded out of jail Tuesday. News 6 tried to reach Rogers but did not hear back.

School officials say a gun on school grounds can lead to expulsion.

Parents received an email and an automated call from the school about the incident.

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