Gas prices expected to jump in Florida before Thanksgiving

5-10 cent increase possible, AAA says

ORLANDO, Fla. – Drivers could see a slight jump in gas prices as millions prepare to hit the road for the Thanksgiving holiday.

According to AAA, gas prices in Florida have been holding steady, but there could be a 5-10 cent increase due to a recent rise in the price of wholesale gasoline.

The statewide average for a gallon of unleaded gasoline is $2.36, which is less than it was at the same point in 2018.

"If the state average returns to $2.45 per gallon, it'd be the same price motorists paid during last year's holiday," AAA spokesman Mark Jenkins said. "However, if the state average remains less than $2.45, Thanksgiving travelers in Florida would be paying the lowest gas prices for the holiday in three years."

In Florida, AAA predicts 2.6 million people will drive for the holiday, which is a 3% increase from 2018. That number would mark the second most travelers since 2005.

“Florida drivers should expect the heaviest highway congestion on Wednesday, from 3-8 p.m.,” Jenkins said. “AAA recommends drivers plan ahead, identify alternate routes in case there are backups and leave early. Driving on Thanksgiving Day may not be ideal, but there are much fewer people on the road.”

Year-to-date, the highest average price for a gallon of gas in Florida was $2.79, which was set in April.

Orlando is expected to be the top travel destination in the country for Thanksgiving, according to advance AAA travel bookings.

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