Florida family traps baby gator found in swimming pool

Trash bin used to capture reptile

A Hillsborough County family found a baby gator in their backyard swimming pool. (WFTS-TV image)

BRANDON, Fla. – A Florida family who found a baby alligator in their home’s pool decided to take matters into their own hands.

After discovering the reptile in his pool Monday night, Carlos Rivera of Brandon, went back inside and ate dinner with his family while they contemplated which authorities they needed to call.

Television station WFTS reports that the family decided they were up to the task and trapped the alligator in a trash bin when it got out of the pool.

They then released the alligator in a nearby pond.

“My boyfriend is from Missouri so he doesn’t get much of this, he has like bears and stuff. He always thought the Florida stuff was a joke, but now he knows it’s for real,” said Veronica River, Carlos Rivera’s daughter.