Flooding plagues Merritt Island apartments

Tenants say complex routinely floods, no results from ownership

By James Sparvero - Reporter

MERRITT ISLAND, Fla. - Some tenants are planning to move out after rain trapped them in their apartments. Water Thursday night covered the Country Club Apartments on Courtenay Parkway and uncovered a lot of frustration among tenants.

"Driving through here is absolutely ridiculous," Alexia Lantigua-Sanchez said. " It happens every single time, almost every time it downpours."

Lantigua-Sanchez said the flooding forced her to wait until Friday just to grab her mail.

"I came to get my mail and couldn't," she said. "The flooding just gets really bad. When I lived downstairs, I always used my sliding glass door to get in and out."

Another tenant did not have that luxury Thursday night.

Arlinda Brown said the water crept right up against her sliding door as cars drove through the flooded parking lot.

Portia Griffin has lived here six years, and unlike some of her neighbors, she's not unhappy.

She said the flooding is usually in the same places, and this hurricane season she feels safe.

"Sometimes it can rain harder and there will be no flooding," Griffin said. "For whatever reason, I guess it just picks its points."

The owner of the apartments was at the complex Friday. He did not want to talk on camera, but he said

Thursday night's flooding came from saturated soccer fields at neighboring Gardendale Elementary School on Grove Boulevard.

The county said workers checked to see if there was any blockage in the system.

They found none and a county employee told us the routine flooding at Country Club is because of "internal issues."

Some tenants were not optimistic about getting results.

"I'm just trying to get out," Lantigua-Sanchez said.

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