Girl, 14, shot in high school parking lot, Ocala police say

Investigation ongoing into shooter's identity

By Erik von Ancken - Anchor/Reporter, Michelle Dendy - Web Editor

OCALA, Fla. - Ocala police are investigating after a gunman opened fire in a high school parking lot after a basketball game on Friday night.

Police said the shooting occurred at Vanguard High School on NW 28th St. during an altercation in the parking lot. 

A 14-year-old girl, who is a Howard Middle School student, was shot in the arm, and a 19-year-old woman was cut with glass after her car window was struck by a bullet, according to police.

The 19-year-old's mother showed Local 6 the bullet hole in the driver's side window. She said the bullet ricocheted off the pillar and windshield and lodged in the dashboard. Glass cut her daughter's neck.

Police said after the shooting, the school was locked down and everyone in the parking lot was identified.

Police found a white Mercury Marquis believed to be involved in the shooting and detained one person. 

Four people were in the car when police found it and police say they believe one person in the vehicle was the shooter or knows who the shooter is.

Parents said their children came home from school on Friday scared.

"He says I don't want to go to school next week," said Chuck Pardee, referring to his high school senior son. "I said I think you need to, and I'm convinced there's gonna be a number of law enforcement people there to make sure our kids are safe."

Local 6 attempted to ask the Marion County School District if it is planning extra security for Tuesday night's basketball game against Lake Minneola High School, but the district is closed for the holiday and the public information officer did not return calls or emails to Local 6.

"There are times when there are after school activities or he'll come home from a football game and is waiting for me to pick him up," said Dean Lavdas, referring to his sophomore son Leo. "And now I'm very concerned. As a matter of fact I told him, you're no longer waiting outside, you're going to wait inside and I'll text you when to come and I'm here."

Police said they're reviewing surveillance video to determine who was involved.

The investigation is ongoing and no other details were immediately available.

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