Cheap flights available from Orlando as residents fatigued by quarantine look to travel again

Deals available on domestic, international trips

After dealing with the coronavirus pandemic for more than a year, many are ready for a vacation and some relaxation.

ORLANDO, Fla. – After dealing with the coronavirus pandemic for more than a year, many are ready for a vacation and some relaxation.

Michael Fallon is a college professor who loves to travel and loves a good deal.

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“You know, the pandemic was tough for me, because I love travel so much,” Fallon said.

One of his best deals was a trip he took to China with his mother that he booked using a website called Scott’s Cheap Flights.

“They send you the deal alert and then they tell you how to book it,” Fallon said.

News 6 went to the website and created a profile and there are some deals. A flight from Orlando to Los Angeles was $137, Orlando to Denver was $97 roundtrip and a roundtrip flight from Orlando to Anchorage, Alaska was $259 roundtrip.

Scott Keyes is the founder of Scott’s Cheap Flights and the author of “Take More Vacations.” He knows how to find those secret deals.

“I’ve been a professional cheap flight expert for the better part of a decade,” Keyes said.

He noted that he’s seeing a pent-up demand.

“People are really kind of coming back with a vengeance one year after having spent a year not being able to travel in large part,” Keyes said.

There are plenty of deals to be had, according to Keyes, and the website sends daily alerts to your email based on your preferences.

For international flights, some deals include Orlando to Dublin, Ireland for $300 roundtrip and Orlando to Reykjavik, Iceland for $240 roundtrip, both on full-service airlines.

“There are a growing number of countries where you can visit with either a negative (COVID-19) test or with proof of vaccination,” Keyes said. “So these are places like Iceland, places like Greece.”

That $240 roundtrip ticket to Iceland could be coupled with another deal for eight days and seven nights at Hotel Odinsve in Reykjavik for $1,000 per person.

Bob Cook is the director of sales for Go Travel and said places closer to Florida, like the Caribbean, aren’t where the deals are right now because hotels and resorts are not operating at full capacity.

“Greece, Croatia, Serbia are going to be much less, because they have been empty for 19 months,” Cook said.

That’s the second time we’ve heard Greece.

So here’s a deal for you: $1,899 per person can get you seven days and six nights at the Golden Age Hotel of Athens or a similar property and that includes airfare, according to Cook.

If that’s too pricey, try Mexico where $900 will get you seven nights at the all-inclusive Ocean Coral and Turquesa in Cancun, and it includes airfare.

“There’s all sorts of deals out there,” Cook said.

Both Keyes and Cook stress knowing the COVID-19 restrictions for where you want to travel.

Also they say if you see a good deal don’t wait, jump on it fast because prices change quickly.

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