Banana duct-taped to wall sells for $120K at Miami’s Art Basel

The masterpiece was created by Italian artist Maurizio Cattelan.

FILE- In this Dec. 4, 2019 photo, gallery owner Emmanuel Perrotin poses next to Italian artist Maurizio Cattlelan's "Comedian" at the Art Basel exhibition in Miami Beach, Fla. The work sold for $120,000. A Miami couple who bought a headline-grabbing banana duct-taped to a wall say they acknowledge the absurdity of the artwork, but believe it will become an icon and plan to gift it to a museum. (Siobhan Morrissey via AP)

MIAMI, Fla. – You’ve heard of the Mona Lisa and American Gothic. Well, there’s a new piece of art that has everyone going bananas. The best part? Anyone could re-create the masterpiece.

The display called “The Comedian” is a banana duct-taped to a wall. Yes, you read that right.

The a-peeling art piece was created by Italian artist Maurizio Cattelan.

You may remember this artist for his 18-karat-gold toilet titled “America." The $6-million throne was stolen from England’s Blenheim Palace over the summer.

The banana sold for $120,000 at Miami’s Art Basel this week.

Emmanuel Perrotin, the gallery founder, told CBS News that Maurizio’s work is not just about objects, but about how objects move through the world.

“Whether affixed to the wall of an art fair booth or displayed on the cover of the New York Post, his work forces us to question how value is placed on material goods,” he said.

Art lover Weezie Chandler said, “You can do anything and once you’re established you can get away with it.”

One art lover said, “It’s mocking the art world. That’s what Maurizio Cattelan does.”

Some art connoisseurs believe the piece represents the art world and its wealth inequalities.

Others will tell you to not think that deep.

Our opinions are spilt.