Have you received calls threatening explosives going off near you?

Callers threaten explosions if residents don’t visit website, deputies say

ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. – Have you received a call from someone threatening explosions in your area unless you visit a certain website?

According to the Orange County Sheriff’s Office, the threats are not legitimate.

Deputies said Monday that multiple law enforcement agencies have heard from residents who said they have received calls during which the person on the other line says explosives will detonate unless they visit a website. Deputies believe the website is malicious in nature and are warning people not to visit it.

Officials with the Sheriff’s Office also said they don’t believe the threat is credible and asked anyone who receives a similar call to report it to their local law enforcement agency.

Mount Dora police also tweeted about the scheme, urging residents not to visit the website.

It was a Monday morning scare for Kevin Johnson after he got to work today at CENTURY 21 OneBlue in Orange County.

He showed us the multiple calls he received today at his office from a number he’s never seen before.

“Saying there were three explosive devices planted in the area and to stay safe and we needed to call a number or visit a website,” Johnson said.

He said he knew when he got the call the whole thing was a scam, so he called 911.

“Within three to five minutes they had the entire shopping plaza sealed off and evacuated,” said Johnson.

Edgewood Police confirmed the threat was linked to the robocall and they showed up to investigate, though nothing was found.

Johnson was one of many across the country who got the same robocall Monday.

The caller encourages people to go to a certain website or a bomb would go off.

“That is absolutely false. We don’t want anyone to go to this website,” Lisa McDonald from the City of Mount Dora said.

Authorities in Mount Dora said they received seven complaints just Monday morning from residents saying they got the same call.

“Even if it’s a live person, don’t give them any information, don’t give them your name, bank account, social security and kind of personal information,” McDonald said.

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