St. Cloud pipe collapse could take two months to repair

Repair cost is estimated to be $1.2M

ST. CLOUD, Fla. – The City of St. Cloud has commenced with repairs to the stormwater pipe that collapsed overnight Wednesday.

The collapsed pipe caused the concrete walkway above to crack, creating a 10-feet wide hole.

A man riding his bike fell into the hole around 3:40 a.m. was taken to a hospital, according to St. Cloud police. He suffered minor to moderate injuries, including lacerations, police said.

Officials had originally thought the pipe repair would take a minimum of two days, now officials are saying the repairs could take up to two months because of the size of the pipe.

Below are the details released by the City of St. Cloud.

Repair elements include:

  • Scope: Removal and replacement of entire pipe under road, which is approximately 100-LF, and includes a new reinforced concrete culvert.
  • Timeline: Approximately 1 to 2 months; Due the large size of the pipe, availability will dictate the timeline for repairs.

Repair Cost: Estimated $1.2M, which includes:

  • Removal of damaged pipe and roadway/concrete sidewalks
  • Installation of new new headwall along west elevation.
  • Installation of new concrete culvert/soil/asphalt roadway.
  • Engineering & permitting required to complete above work.

According to city officials, crews will re-configure barriers, put up after the pipe collapsed, at the south business area with access onto Old Canoe Creek Road to allow vehicles onto southbound lanes, south of the collapse site.

Officials say the City will implement the barrier and signage reconfiguration Friday morning. The reconfiguration will allow for improved traffic patterns over the weekend.

The reconfiguration will allow:

  • Vehicles to utilize the traffic light at Old Canoe Creek Road/Neptune Road to flow East or West onto Neptune.
  • Provide another access point for shoppers to that business area, especially prior to final shopping weekend before Christmas.
  • Reduce congestion with fewer vehicles from the business plaza making U-turns at Old Canoe Creek/Neptune Road.