John Morgan: Minimum wage push on 2020 Florida ballot is ‘historic’

Orlando attorney pushed initiative

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ORLANDO, Fla. – Florida voters in 2020 will be able to decide whether they want to increase minimum wage.

Orlando attorney John Morgan, of Morgan & Morgan, said Friday that he’s been fighting for the initiative for a long time.

“Yesterday was a historic day for the working people of Florida,” said Morgan, referring to the Florida Supreme Court’s ruling that the proposed constitutional amendment could be placed on the ballot.

Many state leaders, however, are skeptical about the push for the minimum wage increase, arguing it could lead to job cuts.

“Is the Constitutional amendment the perfect way to address the minimum wage? Of course not, but it’s the only way,” Morgan said.

Right now, the minimum wage in the state is $8.46. If the amendment passes, it would increase to $10 dollars an hour in 2021.

Then it will increase a dollar each year until it hits $15 dollars an hour in 2026.

Sixty percent of voters must approve the amendment for it to pass.

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