Earthquake aftermath: Puerto Ricans sleeping in tents, cars

Many still without power days after 6.4-magnitude quake

Guanica, PUERTO RICO – Hundreds of people in Guanica, Puerto Rico were forced out of their homes after Tuesday’s 6.4 magnitude earthquake.

Dozens of homes and buildings were destroyed and parts of the town still remain without power as of late Wednesday.

"On Monday we left because everything shook and everything is gone," Alfredo Rodriguez said.

Most neighborhoods suffered extensive damage to homes, including a 3-story school that collapsed.

“I have a lot of memories in this school and I really like going to this school it’s the only school I liked,” 7th grader Ryan Morales said.

Many people are also camping out in an open field in Guanica in fear of another earthquake. Some slept in tents while others slept in cars.

“It was moving so, so much that we had to abandon the place,” Felix Rodriguez Lopez said.

One woman who was driving around Guanica saw her friend’s home completely destroyed.

“It’s very sad to see that basically the house that her parents have worked so hard for is just gone like you can’t come back to this,” Emmy Pedro said.

The Red Cross and church groups are assisting residents with food and water. Several groups will be back to Guanica to help on Thursday.

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