Residents wear red to show displeasure of housing development on golf course

EastWood Golf Club announces plans to close

ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. – At Monday evening's community meeting inside Timber Creek, the attorney for the owner of EastWood Golf Club announced plans to close.

About 1,000 community members from Eastwood wore red at the meeting to show their disapproval of the construction of 304 homes in an 80-acre area of the golf course.

Megan Moses is the president of the Eastwood Community Association and said there are already flooding concerns in the area.

“When it rains, the golf course serves to take that rain away and keep our homes from flooding. If you try to develop that land, it will upset everything," Moses said.

Residents spoke at the meeting expressing concern over traffic congestion and school overcrowding.

Melissa Sposato is the PTA president of nearby Sunrise Elementary. She said several schools in the area are nearing capacity without the new development.

“If we build all these houses, it will, our children will suffer. We don’t have anywhere to expand. We will be in portables, and it’s just not fair to them," Sposato said.

The attorney for the landowner also said during the meeting that the property in question had been approved for construction more than 20 years ago.

Orange County District Four commissioner Maribel Gomez Cordero said that the project application still has a long way to go before any decisions are made. In the meantime, she said it's important for homeowners to have their voices heard.

“People are not in favor of it. There were more than, I don’t know a thousand people here. But it was good, they direct some questions to me," Comez Cordero said.

County officials said the application will now head to the development review committee. That committee will make a recommendation, before handing it over to the county commission. Once the plan reaches the county commission, public hearings would take place before a final vote.

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