Orlando businesses impacted by coronavirus concerns

No reported cases in Florida, officials say

Orlando businesses impacted by coronavirus concerns
Orlando businesses impacted by coronavirus concerns

ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. – State officials said there are no cases of the coronavirus reported in Florida, but the virus is still having an impact on Central Florida businesses.

Kyle Markel owns Kyle's Bike Shop in Orlando. He opened the store 13 years ago. He said it's busy season and they're hard at work selling bicycles and making repairs.

However, concerns over the coronavirus could put the brakes on his business.

"Who knows how deep it will go? We may not feel much of it or it may be a big impact," Markel said.

Markel said 90% of bicycles are made in Asia. Most parts come from China and mandatory quarantines are bringing many Chinese factories to a screeching halt.

"You've got your rim, your spokes, and your hub and all that stuff is coming from China. even the tire that's on here is likely manufactured in china. This entire wheel would be something that we may not be able to get more of," Markel said.

Markel said he is getting emails from his distributors warning him he could see shipping delays. He said some distributors are suggesting he stock up on products if he can.

“At some point, they’re going to run out of stuff and then who knows how long, months of time when it’s not being produced,” he said.

Coronavirus concerns are also impacting the bridal industry.

David's Bridal said half of its factories are in China. A spokesperson told News 6 those factories are open and all of their brides will get their dresses before their wedding.

Whitney Embry with Bridal Gallery Couture in Orlando said they’re also not experiencing any delivery issues. She said they don’t work with many designers who use Chinese manufacturers.

But she said last-minute brides could run into problems finding their dream dress.

“We’re affected more by our rush cuts. We’re not able to get dresses as quickly, things aren’t in stock as easily, but as far as being able to order dresses normally for the brides, there’s not been much a delay,” Embry said.

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