‘He’s out. What do I do?’ Man helps wife give birth at DeBary gas station

Jonas Wonder calls 911 on way to hospital to say his wife was having baby

DeBARY, Fla. – A baby boy will have a Shell of a story to tell years from now.

Renee Wonder gave birth in a car at a DeBary gas station after her husband, Jonas Wonder, pulled over on the way to the hospital.

“What is your emergency?” the 911 dispatcher said.

[LISTEN: 911 call in video box below]

“I’m actually driving to the hospital and my wife is about to have a baby,” Jonas Wonder said. “I don’t know if we’re going to make it.”

Baby Luca.
Baby Luca.

When told the family was heading to a hospital in Altamonte Springs, the dispatcher advised Jonas Wonder to pull over so emergency crews could help his wife.

The Wonders pulled into the Shell gas station at 399 S. Charles R. Beall Blvd., and the dispatcher told Jonas Wonder to recline the seat of his wife, who was 39 weeks pregnant. He said the seat would not recline because of a car seat located directly behind her.

Moments later, Jonas Wonder said his wife was giving birth.

“He’s out. He’s out. What do I do?" the man said.

“Make sure the umbilical cord is not around his neck and just support his head,” the dispatcher said.

“Get me a blanket!” Jonas Wonder said. “Oh, my God!”

You then hear the baby, named Luca, crying.

“It’s OK, buddy!” Jonas Wonder told his son.

"Congratulations. Here they come,” said the dispatcher, referring to emergency crews.

“She just had a baby in the car,” a person is heard saying in the background of the 911 call.

“(That’s a ) hell of a story to tell him when he’s older,” a firefighter said.

Renee Wonder and Baby Luca.
Renee Wonder and Baby Luca.

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