Defense says interrogation video shows Orlando police mistreated Markeith Loyd after arrest

Video, insanity plea and other big motions argued ahead of May trial

Convicted killer Markeith Loyd appeared in court Friday afternoon as a judge ruled on multiple recently filed motions, including one pertaining to a planned insanity defense.

ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. – Convicted killer Markeith Loyd appeared in court Friday afternoon as a judge ruled on multiple recently filed motions, including one pertaining to a planned insanity defense.

Loyd was convicted last year of killing his pregnant ex-girlfriend, Sade Dixon, he is awaiting trial for his second murder charge.

The judge ruled that two state experts -- a psychologist and a psychiatrist -- can examine Loyd to determine whether he was suffering from a mental illness at the time he allegedly shot Orlando Police Lt. Debra Clayton outside a John Young Parkway Walmart on Jan. 9, 2017.

A defense psychologist will also examine Loyd.

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Judge Leticia Marques did not determine when the state experts will examine Loyd, although prosecutors are asking that the examinations take place after the defense expert has finished his tests.

Court documents claim Loyd suffered from a mental infirmity and because of his condition he did not know what he was doing or its consequences, or although he knew what he was doing and its consequences, he did not know it was wrong.

When state experts examine Loyd, the defense will be able to video record that meeting, but despite protests from Loyd’s attorney Terry Lenamon, the defense will have to provide a copy of that video to the state.

Marques denied the use of jury questionnaires but said potential jury members can be individually questioned about the matter of insanity. Jury questioning begins May 1.

Two matters that were addressed Friday but not ruled on including how much of the Dixon case can be discussed during the Clayton trial and whether a video of Loyd’s interrogation after his arrest can be used.

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Previously, the judge ruled that the state couldn’t bring up Loyd killing his pregnant ex-girlfriend before Clayton’s slaying unless the defense opened the door by introducing evidence or facts from that case.

On Friday, Lenamon said he’s “pretty confident” the Dixon case will come into play during the upcoming trial. Loyd was convicted of first-degree for killing Dixon in October 2019.

Marques did not rule on the video because, at this point, it’s unclear what portions of it the defense wants to include.

“This is rapidly becoming pointless because we’re talking in circles here and you have no idea what I saw," Marques said.

The motion will instead be discussed Tuesday during a pretrial hearing.

According to Lenamon, the video shows Loyd moaning in pain and asking for medical attention but instead of helping him, officers mocked and laughed at him.

Records show that four Orlando police officers kicked Loyd in the face, hit him with their rifles, punched him and delivered repeated blows.

Loyd’s face was visibly swollen when he was taken into custody and he lost one of his eyes as a result of the beating.

Lenamon said that the detectives who interrogated Loyd were clearly prejudiced against him and unwilling to listen to his requests to loosen the handcuffs because he’s accused of killing Clayton.

“That relationship (with Clayton) caused them to ignore the rules, caused them to be tainted in policy and procedure. We know that now,” Lenamon said.

He also wants the jury to see a video that shows the fatal confrontation outside Walmart. He said there’s evidence that Clayton fired at Loyd first, but he claims authorities have ignored that evidence and never launched an investigation to determine the circumstances of the officer-involved shooting.

“She fires a shot at him and it’s that moment he pulls the gun out and there begins a shoot out between her and him, which is captured vividly from the rooftop cameras,” Lenamon said.

During Tuesday’s hearing, Loyd will sit at the defense table alongside his attorneys rather than in the jury box flanked by guards, after Marques granted his request.

She also acknowledged Loyd’s request for a new judge, his belief that the Orange County Sheriff’s Office presented misinformation about the circumstances surrounding the Dixon shooting and his desire for the jury to see the entire interrogation video.