More retailers installing barriers to protect cashiers from coronavirus threat

Publix, Walmart have new safety measures in place

Barriers have been installed at Whole Foods stores to help protect cashier against the threat of coronavirus. (News 6)

ORLANDO, Fla. – Even as stay-at-home orders are issued as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, grocery stores will remain open, meaning retailers are trying to come up with ways to protect their cashiers and other employees.

One solution that’s becoming popular among grocery store chains is Plexiglass barriers that will provide a buffer between those working the register and a potentially sick customer.

Even a local food bank, Harvest Time International in Seminole County, has installed barriers in the check-out area and added lines on the floor indicating the 6-foot mark to keep in line with social distancing guidelines.

Below is a list of measures retailers are taking at stores across Florida:


"Walmart has started installing Plexiglass barriers (sneeze guards) at our pharmacy lanes (both Walmart and Sam’s Club) and will install these guards at the regular Walmart registers over the next two to three weeks.

Staying safe and healthy is more important than ever for our associates, our customers and for us. Installing these barriers is another way Walmart is helping bring peace of mind that we are doing everything we can to keep our people and our stores safe."


“We are taking steps to install protective barriers at our registers for the health and safety of our customers and employees.”


“We will be installing Plexiglass company-wide at our registers, customer service desks and pharmacies. Installations will begin this weekend, and we expect to conclude within the next two weeks.”

Whole Foods

Although the company’s website doesn’t mention anything about the measure, the barriers have been spotted at the Winter Park store.