Bedtime stories revamped during coronavirus quarantine

Central Floridians are providing bedtime stories for the new decade

So far, 2020 has brought an onslaught of changes. One aspect of life finally getting the update it needs--bedtime stories. The old method of sitting down with a picture book needed some new twists and it’s time we highlight the brave, local crusaders stepping up to do just that.

Trapped inside and craving normalcy, we all miss the theme park castles more than expected. While both Disney and Universal have ample online entertainment material, an unlikely castle is rising to the challenge. Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament recently shared a video of Queen Isabella reading “It’s time to Sleep My Love”. The magnetism of Her Highness in a t-shirt with a matching crown is both unexplained and unexpected.

If fairy tales aren’t your thing, you probably live outside Orlando. Besides castles, another one of Central Florida’s most famous attractions? Space. Thankfully, the Global Space Education Foundation brings us audiobooks read by real astronauts in space. The space-themed series here proves that the only way to make bedtime stories more peaceful is to read them from the International Space Station.

Speaking of education, another site to check out is “Book and a Look” by the Orlando Museum of Art. This charming series features Ms. Molly, an associate curator, reading children’s books. After reading, Ms. Molly reveals artwork relating to the book within the museum’s collection. For example, to further illustrate the book “The Snowy Day”, we are shown artist Leon Kroll’s “West Shore Terminal”, another snowy landscape. The series is a wonderful idea and Ms. Molly might have just become our favorite new internet teacher.

Still awake? Look no further than Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd. His newly created children’s story videos posted here to prove his versatility in his life-saving measures. Highlights include Sheriff Judd’s full uniform and fun, colorful backdrops.

Now if you’ll excuse us, it’s time we tuck into bed and get listening!