‘Lucky imaging’ captures stunning photos of Jupiter

Images reveal what’s happening inside Jupiter’s continuous storms

'Lucky imaging' capture stunning photos of Jupiter
'Lucky imaging' capture stunning photos of Jupiter

We're getting a stunning new look at Jupiter and its jack-o-lantern glow.

It all comes courtesy of the Juno spacecraft, the Hubble space telescope, and Hawaii’s Gemini North telescope.

Observations from this dream team have produced stunning images and revealed what's happening inside Jupiter’s giant, continuous storms.

The power of combining three different ways of observing Jupiter lies in different wavelengths.

Hubble observes visible and ultraviolet light, Gemini captures thermal infrared, and Juno captures radio signals from lightning in Jupiter’s storms.

Jupiter's thunderhead clouds can stretch 40 miles from base to top, five times the height of Earth's thunderheads.

Jupiter’s lightning can carry as much as three times the energy in the most powerful lightning strikes, on Earth.